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Come squeeze and suck the day

Come carpe diem, baby!

18 July 1982
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  • bleed_music@livejournal.com
  • robkntally
Hi! I'm Rob!
  • 26, living in Tallahassee Florida
  • Remarkably taken by my very Best Friend and Lover, Janean
  • Friendly
  • Music lover (Thrash and Groove Metal, Country, Jazz, Blues, Hillbilly, R&B, Hip-Hop)
  • Movie lover
  • Misanthropic
  • Quick Witted (Except for when I'm tired. Or sleepy. Or drunk. Or hungry. Or awake...)
  • North West Floridian (Marianna/Blountstown- Represent!)
  • Beer snob (Killian's Irish Red, New Castle, and Guinness!!)
  • Former smoker

I some how managed to fuck up my profile, so I'm in the midst of re-doing it!

Check back for it's correction!!